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Bachelor Quantitative Biology PLUS

The 4-year variant (QuantBio+) is designed to give outstanding students an opportunity to widen their horizon in the field of quantitative biological research in academia and/or industry. QuantBio+ gives the students more freedom to plan a stay abroad and provides opportunities for additional, intensive research-related training.

Course Curriculum 

The total workload of the QuantBio+ variant is 240 CP; students can apply for a transition from QuantBio to QuantBio+ in their 5th semester.

In the QuantBio+ variant, the research phase is extended to three semesters. Depending on their interests and the availability of places, students can acquire credit points at our partner universities (Michigan State University (USA), Purdue University (USA), Washington State University (USA), University of Western Australia (Australia)) or at other national or international universities. Students can also do an industrial internship. Finally, students can participate in the various elective modules offered by HHU and UoC. Students also get a chance to explore other subjects besides biology in the module Studium Integrale (Interdisciplinary Selection).

In addition to the elective modules, the research phase entails a course on project planning, a project internship (which may serve as an introduction to the topic of the bachelor's thesis), and the bachelor's thesis itself.

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